Mel Gibson and Kate Bosworth will star in the action movie "Force of Nature"

The director of the brand new film will be Michael Polish ("Big Sur"), and the script is by Cory Miller.

The project will be presented at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. It will be Gibson's second future hit, which will rise the interest of Croazet's distributors after the independent comedy "Fatman".


The Oscar winner is going to return to the director's seat again, perhaps after finishing the remake of Sam Pekinpa's "The Wild Horde". "Force of Nature" features a cop who has to evacuate people in a building during a devastating hurricane while armed criminals are trying to rob a vault in the building. Gibson will be in the role of a stubborn retired detective who refuses to evacuate and starts a war with the robbers. 

Currently, a screening of the future actors is taking place, and shooting should begin on July 19 in Puerto Rico.

We still do not know the details of Bosworth's role. Among her latest appearances, she stars in the National Geographic series "The Long Road Home".

We look forward to seeing her in another series - the sci-fi show "The I-Land", which is to premiere on Netflix.

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